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still in crisis. they are saying we've been crying out for some aid from the federal government to rebuild the berms and it just hasn't happened and the berms gave way monday night and the water cascaded right down this street called beachway and went for about a mile. the water started to receipt since this afternoon, but you can still see it stands on starts of the street and left behind is just dirt, mud, sea grass and other debris. this is a popular summer destination. people come here to have fun. this is the iconic kingsburg board walk, as they call it. it's been in a family for three generations. it's about 100 years old. it's devastated. the mayor here said, we need help. he took us on a tour today. we drove around to see other parts of this community. and we saw the water standing in the streets and then we saw some of the homes right near the beach. some of them, wendy and jim, lifted off of their foundations and floated for a time. other homes stayed in place but they are battered inside. i spoke with one homeowner and the owner of the board walk amusement park. >> it
governments. more federal help could be on the way for virginia residents. >> as we do our damage assessments, we will likely be applying for the full public assistance to reimburse the state for its public expenses and if we qualify individual disaster assistance for individuals who were not fully ensured or uninsured. >> crews are preparing to address the damage on chincoteague island and other parts of the eastern shore. >>> montgomery county fire and rescue teams pulled a kayak out this afternoon. we're told someone called 911 to report an injured kayaker in the creek. rescue units arrived and pulled the person from the water. that kayaker was treated at the scene and is said to be okay. the power outages now, the numbers, keep improving. in northern virginia, 60,000 dominion customers are still without, along with 9,000 novec customers. pepco has power back on to all but 7900 customers. 53,000 bg & e customers are without power. smeko has power to all but 150. >> today, national guard troops traveled around the city with d.c. mayor vincent gray to assess the damage. news4's tom sherwood
through early tomorrow morning. once again, if you don't have to be anywhere, government's shut down, schools are closed, you might not want to get out on the roadways. tomorrow afternoon, river rises once again and localized flooding. temperatures 44 to 47 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 20 to 30 miles an hour. we can't rule out a snowflake or two in parts of the area. the next couple of days, 54 degrees on your wednesday. 56 on thursday. right now, the weekend looking much better, and dry as we begin to clean up from sandy. >> all right. that looks much better. >> it does indeed. sandy and safety. how long food lasts after the power goes out. and what about your tap water? >> liz crenshaw is here with us to help keep us all out of the dark. >> we'll try to solve some of these problems. the big thing people worry about is how long will my food last. listen up. the usda reminds people to keep the doors of your fridge and your freezer closed. the refrigerator will keep food safely and cold for only about four hours. a full freezer, on the other hand, is going to hold the temper
to figure out the right way to install a car safety seat. the government says about 73% of parents install them incorrectly. that's the bad news. the good news, recent crash tests by the insurance institute for highway safety show car seats have reached a milestone. it recently gave top safety ratings to more safety seat models than ever before. but they only protect your child if you put them in properly. >> you might not do it exactly right which we found out. >> reporter: check stations like this one at fitzgerald auto mall in north bethesda are held around the country. and the checks are free. >> see how that's twisted? we've got to get that straight. >> reporter: nationally certified car seat technicians teach parents the proper way to install the seats. >> turn this around. that looks good. this doesn't look good. >> a lot of times there are so many little details to look at, that it gives them great peace of mind when they come here and know it's done properly. >> the number one cause of fatalities for children between ages 1 and 13 is traffic crashes. it's a huge issue for us. >> r
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4